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The Non-Halogen Flame-Retardants "Maglux"

"Maglux" is micronized and surface treated natural mineral "Brucite".
The price level is much lower than
synthetic produced magnesium hydroxide.
"Brucite" consist of mainly magnesium hydroxide.

Characteristic of "Maglux ST"

Chemical Analysis:
Mg(OH)2 95%, CaCO3 1.2%, Fe2O3 0.3%, SiO2 0.5%
Surface modification by Stearic Acid

(Remarks:This composition ratio is based from a sample analysis.
Because "Brucite" isa natural mineral, this result is not a guaranteed value for any sample.)

Ave. size of particle: appr. 4 micron by laser instrument.

Main user of "Maglux" is cable makers and sheet makers, who are willing to change their product from PVC to Polyolefin.

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Mineral "Brucite"

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Maglux in 3-layer Paper Bag

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