Magnesium Hydroxide
Ferro Silicon Nitride
Silicon Carbite
Non Asbsetos Fiber

Dolomit comes from "Miyama mine"
"Miyama Mine"
is located about 30Km north from Gifu City-Central

Dolomit from "Miyama Mine" is characterized for its relative high Mg component.

Main Products:

Raw material for calcination
Sheet-glass industrie
Ceramic industry

Miyama mine from Google Earth

Miyama Mine from Airplane

Open pit quarry at "Miyama Mine"

"Iwasa Factory" is located on the way to "Miyama Mine" from Gifu-City.

Feritilizer ware-house in "Iwasa Factory" and quality contral by X-Ray Analyzer


Typical Chemical Analysis of "Miyma Mine" Dolomite