Brucite in China

Brucite Deposit 1


Brucite Deposit 2 open pit operation

Deposit 3 under ground operation

Mined Brucite

Mined Brucite 2

Mined Brucite 3

Hammering and Picking operations

PicKing works at Mine

Hammering and picking work at mine

Hammering and Picking work at the stockyard near the mining

A typical Mineral Brucite

Cross-sectional surface of Mineral Brucite

Dashiquao city stockyard

Yingou Old Port

Bayuquan New (Yingkou) Port

Quality control :Chemical Analysis

Chinese Standart for Mg Analysis

Imported 1500MT Brucite in 1T-Bag

Imported Brucite at the japanese port "TSURUGA"

Iwasa Factory and its "MAGLUX" plant

"Maglux" plant

Brucite stockyard in Iwasa Factory

Stocked Brucite

Flame retardant "Maglux"

Flexible container 500Kg

in paper bag 20Kg

"Maglux" for ready to delivery

Fused Magnesia Plant in china

Fused magnesia works at land

One of the biggest Magnesite Mine
Pailou town, Haicheng City

Millions MT of under size by-products of magnesite
Mg resouces for the furture?

Caustic calcined Magnesite Plant
Pailou town, Haicheng City

Ningxia Zhonghong Nitride Production Co., Ltd.

One of the main supplyer

Ferro Silicon Nitride and Silicon Nitride




AdministrationOffice 2

Electric furnance facility

Nitorogen Production Plant

Nitorogen Production (Byproduct: Oxygen)

Nitorogen Storage

Power supply system (Receiving Voltage 10500V)

One of theTransformer for Electric Furnace

8m3-Electric Furnace


Row Materia lPreassembly

Transformer For Electric Furnace

Carrying Out From Furnace

Nitried Ferro Silicon

Crushing Plant 1

Crushing Plant 2



China-North Korea Border
Dandong city

(near the Brucite Deposit)

Yalujiang River

Chinese side of the river Yalujiang :Dandong City

Bombed by USA during the Korea War

Chinese tourist for border-watching

North Koreanside of the river Yalujiang